Fedra XML Feed

Fedra BOT

Fedra uses a web crawler to download XML feeds.

Fedra bot reads xml feeds 3 times a day every 8 hours (04:15, 12:15, 20:15) and updates products, the only URLS that fedra bot crawls from shop's site are :

  • The whole Feed Url.
  • Image Urls from feed file.
  • Product Urls from feed file.

The XML reading process time may vary from time to time as it depends on the number of products. Normally the required time can last from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Fedra XML Structure

Name Type Length Required Info Example
name String 250 Yes Product Name Frezyderm Eye Balm 15ml
image String 250 Yes Image Url https://fedra.com/upload/products/image.jpg
manufacturer String 100 Yes Brand Name Apivita
barcode String - Yes ean/upc/gtin/isbn 49068423943
price_with_vat Decimal 9,2 Yes Price with vat 20.5
availability String 50 No Availability status description 'Immediately available'
link String - Yes Product Url https://example.com/product
instock enum(Y,N) - Yes Whether available (Y) or not available (N) 'Y'
unique_id String 50 Yes Internal store code 583426

Additionally Supported XML Feeds

  • FacebookCatalog
  • GoogleMerchantsCatalog